Meet my Dad!

Hi guys! I want to say I’m sorry we’re not posting and commenting as much as usual. Mom’s a bit in over her head lately and spending all the time with school stuff and this tends to limit our online-time.

I was going through some old pix and found these. You all know Hyssing’s dad, and those of you who’ve been around for a while will remember my mom – Coco. This is me and my dad at a pug speciality show many years ago. I was young and skinny, now I’m as good looking as my dad. BOL!

Me on the left, my dad (Hugo) on the right.
Me and dad – sniff, sniff.

My dad getting ready.

Oh – and Mom went to Sweden and did some shopping yesterday and now I’ve got plenty of food. She got some for the kitties, too. And a big bag of chicken wings. I got one yesterday and one today – nice big ones. Yum!


9 thoughts on “Meet my Dad!

  1. Wow, that is a great picture of you and your dad Bajas!And that is cool that your food is from Sweden – it is very far for us! But we do know someone from there so it is pretty cool that your mom went there!

  2. Handsome Dad, handsome Son – just has to be that way. Tell Mom not to worry, her school work is important, we will all still be here.Enjoy that chicken, Bajas.Woos, Phantom and Thunder

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