DWB sonnet

Mom is boring this weekend – apparently she’s intending to finally do all the school work she was supposed to get ahead with, but have somehow managed to put off. Some of you may remember she’s having BritLit this semester? Well, they started with sonnets. Shakespeare and all sorts of old guys.. So while mom read the BORING sonnets I made one for YOU! This poetry stuff was really easy. I can’t understand what she’s complaining about.


The DWB sonnet

There is this great community

Where Dogs With Blogs are Friends

And cats and hammies in Unity

Share laughs that never ends

I am a Pug who snore and fart

like all the pugs I know

Here I meet friends who share their art

Like oil on canvas and pee on snow

When days are Gray and I am blue

I check my favorite Blogs

Where every day there’s something new

In the lives of friendly dogs

And if my kitty brothers are bad –

I know that Khyra’s help can be had!

Hah.. Does this make me the PoetPug?

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