Our Curling boys’ secret weapon…

Wohoo! We’re in the final and so is Canada. So Mom’s in for a birthday treat on Saturday. Yay!

Wanna know how they did it? They had some very special help:

Um.. Okay.. Maybe not. But mom had so many giggles imagining this that we had to play along.

Curly purrs,
Virus & Hyssing

Speaking of the pants…

Do you think I would do well on the curling team? We think the pants are fun, but more than anything we think all the crazy attention they’ve gotten is funny!

We think they’re a really great team, and that it’s quite impressive that they’re the only team that are true amateurs and even the crazy pants are bought with their own money from their full time jobs rather than by sponsors.


Sleepy Thursday

Hi guys! I just got back to Mom yesterday after a little holiday with PA. His birthday was on Monday and I didn’t want to leave him all alone and everything! Today Mom handed in her first obligatory essay of the season and I helped as much as I could with the finishing touches. Now we’re both relaxing on the couch with curling semi finals – first the ladies (Sweden – China and Canada – Switzerland) and later tonight we’ll see our boys in action (Norway – Switzerland and Canada – Sweden).

Keep your paws crossed for Norway and Canada – we want to see those teams in the final on Saturday. Saturday is Mom’s birthday so we hope she gets the dream final as a birthday present. At least Auntie and Mom is planning a fairly early dinner out before going home and watching the bronze final. Mom will watch the final, too, which starts at midnight. She said Auntie could go home if she got sleepy, though. BOL!

I think I’ll just share my lucky snores!


Almost Wordless Wednesday

Auntie and Mom had a walk down memory lane today. Largely laughing at me and Fenris (well, themselves too).. Here’s a good one for you:

Another wordy part – Hyssing is most impressed with you all and is thinking of going into a mind control business since surprisingly many of you guessed it was a GREEN marker. Let’s just say Mom and I have been laughing a lot.


Can you guess?

Mom said you guys might be able to guess what color her chosen marker of the day was just by sharing a few pix of ME. I don’t know why – is this some sort of Hyssing-aided mind reading or something?

She sometimes accuses me of playing with her marker, but this is even weirder IMO.

So? Did it work? Did it work? Can you guess it?


PeeEss: We just got the very sad news that Chef’s papa has been diagnosed with cancer. Will you please stop by and give them your support? They really need it now.

Show us your toothbrush!

Our buddy Brutus reminded everydoggie that February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Now we’re not in the right nation (well, technically you’re all in the wrong ones and we’re in the right one) so it’s no wonder we hadn’t heard of it, but we’re always happy to embrace a good cause!

Mom brushes our toofies every day. Well – because we usually do it every day we don’t bother to fuss if there’s a day or two we don’t get it done – but every day is the general rule. Being a senior dog now (in years, but not at heart) I’ve had a couple of toofies removed last fall, but generally I’ve been known for my fresh breath and kisses. We think it’s very important to brush and also to get the toofies checked properly by a vet, especially when you’re an older dog. Very, very many dogs have painful teeth and gums and most go unnoticed, unfortunately.

So now we encourage you all – show us your toothbrush! BOL!

We’ve actually showed you our tooth brush cup before – still cute, right? The baby brush is for the kitties, the middle one is mine and the last one is Mom’s. She keeps our toothbrushes together. Seriously.

Here’s a close-up of the baby brush – it’s actually the one that works the best on tiny kitty teeth. And thankfully we’re all macho enough to pull off pink toothbrushes. The cup is the only thing that clashes with mom’s pink bathroom – it’s just too cool to leave out.

This is our enzyme paste that we use for brushing and then as a treat for being good and having our toofies brushed. Mom uses minty tooth paste for some reason. I love mint but Mom says it’s not good for me and this is yummy so I won’t complain.

Oh – and we want to say



Seems some thieves are more sensible than others – got this comment to the previous post this morning. Great to wake up to some good news for a change!

Sheila said…

Claire has posted on facebook that all the dogs have been found and are at the SPCA in Montreal for the night. It seems they were left tied up in a park, for which everyone is grateful.

MORE stolen dogs!? Montreal

This was just posted on WhippetWorld. We are very upset.

2000$$ REWARD !!!!HELP!!!! ANYONE coming home from the Montreal flyball tourney, Claire Gordon’s truck was stolen out of the Jack Astor’s parking lot, ALL THE DOGS are in the truck. License # 501 ONE Ontario plates, black Chevy Silverado, 2004 model diesel. Call 1 (613) 720-9047, if you see the truck! Please CROSS POST

We want people to stop stealing doggies – NOW! We hope they at least drop the dogs off somewhere safe and don’t hurt them in any way. Keep your paws and fingers crossed!

Ane & the boys

Missing Whippet Puppies (still missing).

Hi guys!

We’re so happy everyone out there in the blogosphere is working to get the poor puppies home. We have no news about the puppies, but wanted to update with the links to a couple of websites.

This is a website about the puppies with their pictures and a little info. The owner is also offering a reward hoping this will increase the chance of their return (rather than just abandoning them somewhere when they realize everyone is looking for them).

Here’s a news article about the case, including a video of the puppies’ siblings and owner.

We just feel so awful. Thankfully good people are searching the web for adverts for whippet/greyhound puppies for sale in the area etc… We hope you all keep praying/sending good vibes/purring and sharing to help the little babies come home!


Stolen whippet puppies – Texas

Our first thought when we read this were to post it on the bloggie – we’ve seen others sharing it, too, but in case we have readers others don’t we’re posting it here as well. The more the better, I’m sure. I also didn’t have the pictures, so stole them from Patience.

Look at these two little darlings – we need to get them HOME!

Here’s what the owner writes:

My house was broken into today. 2/17/10. Along with stuff I can replace they stole 2 five week old whippet puppies. Please – Please – PLEASE be on the lookout for any whippet puppies. I live in Conroe, Texas. We are contacting the vets – newspaper – shelters – local news channels – whatever we can think of. I think it was kids because of the sloppy things they took – leaving behind other stuff. It is so cold outside…. they are just babies….Permission to cost post – PLEASE!!!Pictures of the two puppies are attached
My cell is 713-817-1236

I’m hoping my girlfriend in Texas can send lots of lucky snorts into the Texas air and make sure evil people return these little babies!