Freaky Friday

Remember the video of Virus carefully going downstairs one step at a time? If you do – good for you ’cause we can’t find it. BOL! Anyways, the main point of this introduction is to say that

..sometimes the apple falls (quite literally) quite far from the tree…

That’s right – Hyssing takes the “just dive into it” strategy… (Mom’s even more terrified when the chair’s not standing there..)

..And since I know you come here for cuter pix than just kitties – here’s a couple of ME!

I was just 10 months in these pix. 😉



14 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. Your momma is 100% correct in being terrified. We have a ladder, just like yours, in my house and my Bob-kat fell and now we call him One-Fang, get it? BOLHi, Bajas as a 10 month old ;)Twink!

  2. Hi Bajas! Those kitties are real acrobats. They are super cute and quite talented.I love the pics of you when you were little. You must post more pics because you are so cute!Stubby xoxo

  3. Hey! If it works for him, go for it. Just hope that crazy cat knows what he's doing.Bajas! I cannot tell you are a puppy there. you were small and now your are, um, small.SLobbers,Mango

  4. For a sec there, we were worried we were going to see you climbing down that ladder too – great pics, Bajas. You are even cuter now than you were at 10 months.Happy Friday, Phantom and Thunder

  5. What lovely scenery. You sure get to go on some good adventures, Bajas. Our mum gets worried when Ronny jumps off the cat tree. He likes to land on his face…

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