Mango Minster Entries 2010

It’s that time of the year again – Mango Minster!

We tried to enter last year but we’re fearing that our mails are not getting through to the Mango Estate so this time we’re attempting a late on-blog entry so we’re not left out.
So here they are:
Cat dog – Virus – male

Breed: Devon Rex
Cat dog – Hyssing – male

Breed: Devon Rex

Sporty Dog – Bajas – male

Breed: Pug
Bloggy address:
PeeMail: bajasATwhipmopsDOTnet

16 thoughts on “Mango Minster Entries 2010

  1. Thanks for posting because I think your entries fell in the Atlantic ocean along with Tommy's. Some problems getting things from foreign lands. Sigh.Slobbers,MangoP.S. I am going to do my best to remind Momma to pick up your photos after work, but if you would do me a favor if you don't see your names in the sidebar (meaning you have been "processed") before deadline time, just leave me another comment.

  2. Great pictures! Although we'd like to see the cat's doing agility next year (they really do have some sort of event for that – maybe you've seen cat agility at one of your shows??)Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

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