Bloody Wednesday.. (updated)

Hi guys, I was quite shocked this morning to find Hyssing’s cute, white paws reddish with blood! I’ve no idea why, but I’m hoping he might have bled some from one of his baby teeth that’s about ready to fall out. I’ve checked over all the boys and not found any injuries.

Here’s a poor cell phone picture.

I’ve washed them and will check them again when I get back from school in a couple of hours.

Update@ 2PM: when I got home there was no more blood and I’ve not found any more blood either on the boys or anywhere else. We might never figure this one out. I’m making a traditional stew here and cut some yummy pieces of sinewy(IMO yucky) meats for them all to gnaw on when cutting up my meat. I think you’re supposed to cook it with all the stuff in but I prefer less of a “clean up” operation afterwards when I’ve cooked the meat and stock and have to take out bone and other inedible pieces. I’m really picky, though. Good thing the boys appreciate it.


19 thoughts on “Bloody Wednesday.. (updated)

  1. No chance he has "played" with a mouse? If you found nothing this morning, chances are you won't fine more later. Anyway, a big healing hug to him.

  2. That must have been a shock for you, hope Hyssing is okay.Have been reading your blog for a while now and just love your 3 furkids!The Devon Rex's are so unusual and beautiful and I adore pugs (what a great combination!)What brilliant names you have chosen too, do you pronounce Hyssings name like Hi-sing or hiss-ing?Lynne xx

  3. I bet it was from a tooth. Nothing like some unexpected blood to scare the bejeebers out of you!!Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

  4. Oh no! We hope Hyssing is ok!That stew sounds YUMMMMMMY! Mom said you've inspired her for tomorrow's dinner!Kisses to everyone and a few extra for Hyssing!Love,S-Dog

  5. Oh, it is scary to find blood on one of your little guys! Glad all seems well. We freaked out when Sammy lost his first tooth because he was bleeding all over his stuffie and it took us a while to figure out it was his tooth! I made stew last week, cut up the meat and all that. I would like to know what sort of stew you are making. Mine was beef with rutabaga, parsnip, carrots, potatoes, and onion cut small. I'd never made it and we thought it was good.

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