Grumpy Sunday

Bah.. We’ve been relaxing all day but just now Mom got rather grumpy. She finally got the times for all her classes this semester and she didn’t get ANY of the seminars she wanted causing them all to be at the same times.. Of her 5 subjects only one of them is problem free…

She’s been sending e-mails all over the place hoping nobody else check their lists until tomorrow so she’ll be first in line. BOL.. Keep your fingers and paws crossed will you? Seems like the spring semesters aren’t her friends – some of you might remember we asked for good thoughts a year ago when she didn’t even get the subjects she needed. That worked out so hopefully this will, too!

She’s already read 7 of the novels in her two litterature classes and done other prep, but that won’t help us much unless she’s able to attend both lectures and seminars.


Update 10PM: The bloggie magic is working! Keep it coming. I’ve already got a mail from one kind stranger willing to switch British Lit. seminar with me so that’s 1 of 4 conflicts solved.


15 thoughts on “Grumpy Sunday

  1. Hi Bajas! What a bummer for your mom. My mom totally understands her frustration. I'm keeping my paws crossed that everything works out just fine.Stubby xoxo

  2. I feel for you!! Can't say I miss that routine, still have dreams about school after being out for almost 7 years already. Guess that's what 12 years of college/university does to a person!! Good luck!!Michelle (Brutus is napping)

  3. Sure hope it all gets worked out for your mom. Her schedule may affect how much time she has for you, so …. paws crossed for everyone.xo

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