Let it snow…

It’s a good thing we’ve got plenty of pix to show from our holiday trip ’cause we’re not doing much to photograph lately. Just lots of snuggling and couch time!

Like for many of you we got loads of snow on Christmas Eve/Day and these pix were taken on the morning of the 26th, when it was just starting to clear up!

Can you see grandpa’s kayak?

Notice how I drape my tail? hehehe…

Did anyone say DINNER?


PeeEss: Mango asked about the Airedale mentioned in our post yesterday and we’ve got new friends, too, since we last wrote about Tara so we thought we’d give you the link in case you wanted to see her: http://wrigglebutts.blogspot.com/2009/06/elminas-otara-64-1995-64-2008.html She’s been on the blog every once in a while. Mom grew up with terriers – Irish and Airedale. Tara was her canine sissy and the only child living at home by the time Mom’s parents split up and so of course they had shared custody of her and she spent some time with grandpa and some with grandma, but they were both there when she had to be PTS (of course).
She had grown old and grumpy by the time I came along and didn’t want to hang out no matter how much I loved her. Mom said she had been just like me once, when she was a puppy and HER auntie Terrie (Irish terrier) didn’t want nothing to do with HER. Hehe.. I’m having a hard time believing I’ll become a grumpy old man, but perhaps it could happen??

Since I’ve already written more than planned – here’s a picture of her in her youth. Pretty, huh? She was also the mom of two litter of beautiful pups, two of which I have met as they lived close to places I’ve lived (two different locations, one per pup hehe).


11 thoughts on “Let it snow…

  1. WOW…what pretty pictures!!! That snow looks like frosting dumped all over the yard! Bajas, you are TOO adorable in your Santa Puggy outfit!!! Have fun snuggling!Love,S-Dog

  2. Tara was a real beauty!And all of those snow picture with you in them are beauties too, Bajas!Mom joined the K9 Kidney list about a week ago. It's a great list with a lot of very useful info but also a sad list because some doggies are very sick and dying.Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

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