Silly Saturday – and MM

Hi guys!

Today I thought I’d make you all smile with a few pix of my silly past.

I also strongly encourage you all to go to Mango Minster to VOTE for your favourites! Right now it’s for the Cat Dog cat(heheh)egory where Hyssing and Virus are entered.

Freaky Friday

Remember the video of Virus carefully going downstairs one step at a time? If you do – good for you ’cause we can’t find it. BOL! Anyways, the main point of this introduction is to say that

..sometimes the apple falls (quite literally) quite far from the tree…

That’s right – Hyssing takes the “just dive into it” strategy… (Mom’s even more terrified when the chair’s not standing there..)

..And since I know you come here for cuter pix than just kitties – here’s a couple of ME!

I was just 10 months in these pix. ūüėČ


Mango Minster Entries 2010

It’s that time of the year again – Mango Minster!

We tried to enter last year but we’re fearing that our mails are not getting through to the Mango Estate so this time we’re attempting a late on-blog entry so we’re not left out.
So here they are:
Cat dog – Virus – male

Breed: Devon Rex
Cat dog – Hyssing – male

Breed: Devon Rex

Sporty Dog – Bajas – male

Breed: Pug
Bloggy address:
PeeMail: bajasATwhipmopsDOTnet