Day 10 – roasted almonds

Hi guys! Here’s the recipe for Mom’s second favourite Christmas snack – you’ve already gotten the one for chocolate fudge. 😉 This one isn’t really that unhealthy at all apart from the salt!

Now if one of you could make some and come over? Hehehe.. Today is Mom’s second exam – “Phonetics and Intonation”! Tomorrow is Physiology and afterwards Mom’s off for the holidays! I’m sure it will mean plenty of couch snuggling for ME!


10 thoughts on “Day 10 – roasted almonds

  1. Ok… this is going to sound stupid. What is it to "scold" the almonds? (I assume you're starting with raw almonds) LOL I was thinking it meant to tell them they were bad, bad almonds… but I'm sure it's something actually cooking-involved, LOL!!!! If you like, you can just reply with a comment to your post… I put this post on my faves (since I want to make these!!!!!!!!!!!)-Kelly (the pugs' mom!)

  2. Kelly – that's supposed to be scald. I'm having a 1 spelling mistake per picture policy these days (apparently). Put your almonds in a big bowl and pour bowling water on them (you don't want to actually boil the almonds or they'll get chewy rather than crunchy). After a minute or so the brown skin is loose and you can pop them out of there. (Be careful – the little buggers can fly all over the place if you don't aim carefully). If you're making a big portion I recommend getting some thin rubber gloves (just get ones without powder) so you don't end up having fingers looking like the almonds. HEheeh..Ane

  3. Gnam gnam gnam….we're droolingggggg!!!Thanks for the wonderful recipe!!!Good luck to your mommy for her exams!!!!And you could have tons of cuddles when she'll be off for the holidays!!!WOOWWWOOOOOO!!!We're sooooooooooo happy for you!!!!Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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