Day 24 – the DAY!

Merry Christmas efurryone! It’s snowing here and all Christmasy today.

With one of Mom’s favourite Christmas songs (Swedish) we hope to start off your Christmas Eve in a good way. Do you recognize their outfits? They’re celebrating St.Lucia’s day (remember from day 13?)

We might not be much online the next week as we’ll be travelling a bit around and not have access to the Internet.

Here’s one of Mom’s favourite NORWEGIAN Christmas songs. As a bonus the video features lots of pix of the beautiful scenery of Northern Norway.

We hope you have a nice and peaceful time through the holidays and that the new year bring you nothing but happiness!

Ane, Bajas, Virus and Hyssing!


Day 23 – The day before the DAY

We saw another cute Christmas video! We thought it was good to post it today to inspire the right behaviour in us all before Christmas Eve/Day.

Bajas, Virus and Hyssing

Day 22 – the day before the day before!

Can you believe tomorow is they day before Christmas Eve? Or “little Christmas Eve” as it’s referred to as here in Norway.

Mom did some major packing yesterday and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t forgotten. With that amount of clothes I was certain she’d be gone for a LONG time. Can you see me?

Yup – that shiny black thing is me!

So then this dialogue:
Me: No way you’re leaving without me, Mom!
Mom: Really? So you need a bath, do you?
Me: Bath? Uh.. No.. Lemme see.. Uh.. I’ll just go sleep on the couch instead!

(Okay so it was a false alarm.. Laundry day isn’t quite packing. But hey – a guy gotta be on his toes at times like these.)