Hyssing is a funny little guy…

We’re really enjoying having him around.. Mom says he might be a lot more trouble than what his dad was, though.. Wonder what that means – he’s been no trouble to me so far.

He has one very funny habit – he seems to often fall asleep while sitting…

He usually almost fall over and then come to his senses…

Now that looks better, Hyssing!

Oh – and remember to VOTE for him! Look in the top right menu. The voting ends on the 29th and after a long time on top he’s fallen off the #1 spot and we need to get him back up and keep him there until the voting closes!!

Happy Friday efurryone!


13 thoughts on “Hyssing is a funny little guy…

  1. At last, a feline! I found your blog thanks to Mango's award. That dude has grreat taste! I'm glad to have found you. I live surrounded by cats and will be posting about them, especially Jet who slaps us around, hard and frequently. I'm living a cat-astrophe…I'm sure Bajas knows what I'm talking about.Congrats on your award!Twink!

  2. Oh Hyssing is really adorable, we want one!! (Female human – NO boys, you're more than enough for one household!) We hope to open the voting for our 'bootie-licous' competition next week and we think that Virus and Bajas will do very well! We'll let you know when the voting 'goes live'!! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

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