Introducing Hyssing!

Okay, so we’re finally through all the trip pix and can properly introduce Hyssing. As most of you know his Sunday name is (N) Mega Miaow’s Poirot and I was concidering continuing to use the “Poirot” for everyday use. I love the name, but it doesn’t sound too good in Norwegian (becomes 3 syllables which IMO is to long for a call name) and I can’t go around using the French pronunciation either. And when I one day said he was “hyssing” the name just sort of clicked.

The reason the name need such an introduction is that it’s really a home-made word. In Swedish the word “hyss” means something similar to “prank”. I think it’s a very funny word (pronounced pretty much how you’d think from the spelling – sort of like hiss but with more of a “y” sound) and started using it. Either my friend Anna or I once used the word “hyssing” instead of hyss. Hyssing is a Norwegian word and means string. The adding of the postfix -ing is generally used to alter the word class – just like move to moving in English. And so “hyssing” became the word for doing the “hyss”. (Now are you confused? LOL!) And now suddenly it’s a name. And since his tail is long and thin the “string” part of it makes the name sort of a dual meaning one. 🙂

He’s a real little cuddle bug!

He keeps falling asleep sitting on the edge of the sofa.

He’s realy bold and has even dared to go really close to Bajas by now.

Virus still plays a bit rough from time to time – but all in all he’s settling in nicely. I just love the little guy. He’s so secure and social and loves scritches and will purr soooo loudly! And Bajas is in heaven, I think. He’s not been chased or bitten once since Hyssing arrived. So far the plan to have the kitties play with each other rather than him is working.


18 thoughts on “Introducing Hyssing!

  1. Welcome Hyssing!! He is so cute. I really like the name and the explanation behind it too. Have a great weekend buddies!xoP.S. I love your header too – the writing is adorable!

  2. Welcome home, Hyssing. We love the description of the naming process and we love the name. Bajas now needs a pup furiend, don't you think?Woos, the OP Pack

  3. Oh boy! glad the kitties are keeping each other occupied. But Bajas, my boy – must say you look a bit worried in that last photo. Outnumbered by felines, that must be a tough spot to be in!Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

  4. WOWOWOOOOOO!!!WELCOME HOME HYSSING!!!!!!Sure you'll have a wonderful life with your new family!!!They are very very very special!!!!We love your name!!!!HAve a wonderful days with your new family!!!!And we love your new header!!GREAT!!!!Tons of love and kisses

  5. he's so cute! i love the photo of him snuggling in your arm, it really shows how tiny he still is. and it's so nice to have a lovey and friedly pet. his name is perfect and goes well with virus. bajas does look relieved!hugs to you all!puglette:o)

  6. Bajas,I think this is going to work out great. Virus can play with the hyssing kittie and you will get some much needed peace and quiet. A win for all.Slobbers,Mango

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