Our trip home!

Early Monday morning it was time to go home. We got up, packed, stuffed the boys in the new bag and wheeled our way to the bus stop. Found the right bus (yay!) and was a the train station about 30 minutes ahead of departure just as planned. I hate being in a hurry. This left time to get a cup of coffe. Drink it on a bench while watching the people run around and find our car once the train opened for passengers and be completely settled in by the time we were moving. Perfect.

This is the “animal” are of the train. Can be a bit cramped when 3 ppl are there with animals, but we had it all to ourselves both direction!

Both boys in the carrier – you can hardly see Hyssing (he’s on the right).

You get some pretty decent views when you take the train from Bergen to Oslo. (On our way there it was dark so we didn’t see much).

See the long “box” across the middle of the mountain on the left? The train go through inside there and several like it on the way.

Both boys got some time outside.

What’s with that thingy, Mom?

Looking at the landscape can be pretty fascinating!


16 thoughts on “Our trip home!

  1. The view is absolutely beautiful. Thankyou for sharing it with us:) Praline looked so tiny in the picture of her waiting to go to the judging stand yesterday!

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