Our trip (The Khyra Buffet)

Here are lots of pictures from Saturday! I had ambitions of taking pix of all sorts of cat breeds, but was too sleepy to get around to it.

We lived with my cousin and his family, the wardrobe had mirrors. Virus have seen mirrors so many times, but this one had him very suspicious.. Perhaps bein on the floor level and so wide was what tricked him. He spent some time talking to the cat in the mirror before settling down. LOL!

Here are a few pix from the finals on Saturday – assistants carry the nominated cats up on the tables where several judges look at them and vote for their favourite – which is given the title Best In Show. You get several BIS cats, but if they have enought all round judges they can compete against each other for Best of the Best. (So being best in show doesn’t make you best in show.. now that’s what I call confusing!)

Audience lined up to watch!

The cats are lined up in crates in the background so they’re easy to find when their turn is up.

You may say cats are not social, but I’m not so convinced.. Hee hee..

These cats are carried up to their little tables…

Judge Raymond Sætre viewing a Maine Coon.

Poirot – who will be called Hyssing – finds it all very boring.

Shorthaired breeds – Abyssinian, Devon Rex and Bengal are the 3 closest ones.

Don’t you just want to crawl in there too? The pale one is Frank, their cousin (son of Virus’ sister, Remina). He’s a blue siamese pointed with white.

Pralinë taking a nap using Frank for pillow.


Tasting Mom’s finger..

Hey Khyra.. You’re not having me for lunch, are you?

Tilly in her crate. Tilly is a red tonkinese pointed Devon Rex!

Tilly in the finals – she lost by one vote (2-3) both days.

We’ll save Sunday for tomorrow!
Ane (“,)

14 thoughts on “Our trip (The Khyra Buffet)

  1. More interesting stuff I never thought I'd know about cats! Love the little polka dot in the back of Poirot's throat!!Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

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