Sunday night update. ;)

It’s 10PM and I’m tired. Very tired. The tired beyond word sort of tired. Too little sleep 3 nights in a row could do that to you, especially combined with lots of action. Oh well. 🙂 We’re travelling back home tomorrow and go back to regular blogging/blog reading schedule. But here are a couple of pix from the weekend’s show to show we’re alive.

The curtains worked out pretty well! The new crates made you fasten them lower than before causing a gap at the top – so next time I’ll make a bit more of an edge on top. Otherwise I’m very happy with the stretch fabric, didn’t wrinkle at all!

Virus got his certificates (CAP) both days and (being the only one) best of his group (age and color). Poirot is with us and allthough they’re both a little scared (mostly Virus…) I think this will turn out well. Poirot threw up a few times, though, so keep your fingers crossed that tonight and the trip home tomorrow turns out well.



16 thoughts on “Sunday night update. ;)

  1. Oh, good! I get to be the very first to congratulate you and Virus on an excellent showing! I just showed Virus's picture to my husband, & he thinks he is a very handsome kitty. Get some rest!

  2. Sounds like show jitters, huh. That is a lot of action for all of you. I bet you are having a good snuggle and snooze.Slobbers,Mango

  3. Good job Virus! We are still having a bit of a hard time wrapping our heads around this cat show idea, but it obviously looks like you didi quite well! Now make sure you give Poirot a proper introduction to Bajas & help him settle into his new home :)Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

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