So – wanna hear the secret?

The kitten from Virus’ litter coming to stay with us is:


Mom say we all need to rest up, because soon this place will be crazier than usual. Uh-oh..
Oh – and do you remember to VOTE FOR HIM? Check the top of the side bar for link to contest and the tutorial.



24 thoughts on “So – wanna hear the secret?

  1. I agree – Bajas, you need to call in some reinforcements, lest be outnumbered by felines! Think it's time for a pug buddy for you!!Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

  2. Sshh guys! I'm hoping this new one will get that pesky Virus off my back. Don't give Mom crazy ideas or I'll end up with a puppy. Are you aware how extremely annoying those things can be? (And you should know, Mango, after just having had that little yellow labradude around.) I've met pug puppies and they are way crazy. Mom must be so happy I'm just a little angel and never was like that (Mom: yeah right..). B

  3. How long is he staying? Wow…very excitering! But you better let the little dude know who is in charge!!!!Lots of Licks, RubyP(ee)S: when is he coming???

  4. Well, we WERE going to suggest that it is about time for Bajas to have a pal too, but it sounds like he doesn't want one. Oh well, maybe he is right, Virus will love having Poirot around.He is so cute, love that nose.woos, the OP Pack

  5. wow! Congratulations for the new member of the family! We didn't know you were keeping one kitten! that's so cool! We can't wait to read stories with Mr. Poirot and you guys

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