Monday Cuteness!

We thought your Monday needed a sprinkling of cuteness. These are actually a few weeks ago so in many way they’re probably cuter than what they are now. They’re turning into more youngsters than kittens, now…

Pralinë is such a pretty girl! Mom will get to kiss her this weekend at the show!


Pjotr – the white on his legs is so cool!

One more of Pia.. Cutie!

Tired, too!

All 4 of them @ 11 weeks

Hi there, guys!

Ohh.. And we have a SECRET! Tee hee…


12 thoughts on “Monday Cuteness!

  1. We love Pia's face, that little mark next to her nose is so adorable. You know, it is not nice to keep secrets – c'mon, we want to know too.Woos, the OP Pack

  2. those are the cutest kittens!! i love the huge ears.have fun at the cat show…and i have a secret guess about your secret.hugs,puglette:o0

  3. Those kittens are certainly cuties!! Looks like they have a lot more room to grow into that baggy skin of theirs! So what's the secret?? We are not good guessers….Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

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