The PUG bed is finished.

Mom did get my new bed finished!

Isn’t the pattern cute?

Uh… What makes you think that’s a CAT bed?

But it’s so COMFY!

It’s MINE – you hear me?

Ahh.. So comfy and plenty of room for BamBam and me.

Mom says please ignore all the mess.. She was a bit eager and took the pix with the shopping bags still on the floor..



17 thoughts on “The PUG bed is finished.

  1. That bed is beautiful. It matches you so well and is just the right size for you and BamBam (and NOT Virus).Slobbers,Mango

  2. i love your new bed! it is a much better size than the last one. that fabric is so cute! i hope you will share with your brother…that would mean some very cute photos for us!hugs,puglette:o)

  3. Hi Bajas! That is a great looking bed. You are so lucky that your mom made it for you.Virus likes the new bed a little too much. Maybe your mom will make one for him.Stubby xoxo

  4. BajasI wish My Mommi had such talents. That is a magnificent bed..I loove the pattewn and the textoowe of the matewial looks extwemely comfyI hope you have many gweat naps in itsmoochie kissesASTA

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