Monday Cuteness – blogoversary edition!

This is our second blogoversary! Can you believe it? We had plans to make more of this – but in the end we haven’t gotten around to it. So instead we’re celebrating with pix of Virus’ babies!


Pralinë, Pia and their cousin Floruska (daughter of Virus’ sister, Remina).


Wanna snuggle? Sigh.. The pale one is Frank – Floruska’s brother.

Pretty Pralinë



21 thoughts on “Monday Cuteness – blogoversary edition!

  1. Happy Blogoversary! Whoever gets to add these bebbehs to their family is very lucky. I love how they all have a white blaze on their face. Hey, I do, too!

  2. happy blogoversary!! thank you for sharing your family with us. :o)and yes, i do want to snuggle with all of those kittens.hugs,puglette:o)

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