That’s Ridiculous!

Our buddy Brutus is hosting a contest!

And with all the ridiculousness going on here we should certainly enter. Hehehe…

Bajas’ entry (written by Virus):

Bajas is totally ridiculous! No matter what they do to him he gladly accepts it.. Backpack? Ok!

Knitted pink(!) hat? No problem!

He also has a really weird relationship with his stuffies (check yesterday’s post if you haven’t noticed already:

The other day he was even dressed up like a lion. Hah! He isn’t even feline!

Virus’ entry (pawed by Bajas)

My little brother is totally ridiculous – a feather will have him go mental!

He’ll sun himself in the funkiest positions!

He thinks the way to go on a vacation is to lie in a box and be sendt by air mail!

He thinks the screensaver is alive..

…and when climbing into the box doesn’t get him anywhere he’s sure the backpack will work wonders…



18 thoughts on “That’s Ridiculous!

  1. I can assure you Virus is the crazy one. Meditating is a mature, sensible action. You'll never ever find me chasing my own tail for 10 minutes straight (never catching it) and then falling over from dizziness. Now THAT's crazy.Bajas

  2. I love it! Bajas you are so tolerant! I am much more opinionated about what I will wear! And virus – geez, I just don't get cats! They are all ridiculous as far as I am concerned!! Thanks for your entries!!Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

  3. Hi Bajas! I'm not sure who is more ridiculous – you or Virus. I think it might be a tie because you look very ridiculous in that pink hat and Virus looks very ridiculous in the backpack. Silly, silly, silly!Stubby xoxo

  4. I'm a nudist, but I actually kind of like that lion contest. You're cat's name is Virus? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha We looooove that! What a great name. xo SB

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