My new two-piece…

Mom is apparently going crazy lately – the sewing machine seems to be going all the time. I was concidering getting a costume for the Halloween photo contests and this is what Mom made of the underskirt of a worn out skirt and a few yards of yarn:


What’s that anyways?

A lion? Most amusing…

Perhaps I’ll think this is funnier when I’m not so extremely sleepy?

Oh come on! You can’t seriously try to make me stand up? No way.. This photo shoot is done with me lounging or even better – sleeping!

As a bonus – perhaps going undercover will make my pesky little brother bother someone else for a change?

Have a great week everyone!
Kisses (and lots of extra ones for Annie),

21 thoughts on “My new two-piece…

  1. Bajas, you make a very regal lion. Your mum is a great sew-er (I added in the – so it didn't look like we called your mum a sewer!).We also saw your Tara Anderson print. We think it's so cute, and are really happy with it. We love the little Rex you got! The second we saw it, we thought of Virus:)

  2. Bajas! Oh the humiliation. You poor little thing. I can only hope that Virus has to suffer equally.Slobbers,MangoP.S. Momma LOVES your outfit. Humph. Yuh, she doesn't have to wear it.

  3. Bajas! You are SUCH a fierce little lion!!!! Mom totally cracked up used "WTF" in your post! HAHAHAA! Nice to know that some phrases are global!Happy Monday!Love,Salinger

  4. Hi Bajas! I wish my mom would go crazing with the sewing machine so that I could have a cool costume like you. How talented and creative your mom is (not to mention eco-friendly)!You look so cute as a little lion. Maybe you just were a little too sleepy to be amused by the costume but when you are fully awake you will love it. It is one of a kind!Stubby xoxo

  5. oh my, that is a wonderful lion suit!! Ane, that is so clever, the mane is just perfect. bajas, you would get all the candy if you came to trick or treat at my house in your lion suit.hugs,puglette:o)

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