9 thoughts on “More shopping!

  1. Virus! You have some most amazing moves. Wow! Those new toys make you a little crazy.Tell me I didn't see Bajas humping that stuff in the background. Eeesh!Slobbers,Mango

  2. hehe.. It sure can look like it, but that's just him and BamBam.. He'll spend hours standing and chomping on his nose, I think he was just changing his position since I was all over the place.Purrs,Virus

  3. Virus;I just love you and really enjoyed watching your video and seeing you have such fun with your new toys. My favorite cats of all times are of your color. I must have something with the fawn and mask variety as my pugs are the same.Baja biting BamBam's nose…..lol, sure looks like something else..hehe.

  4. I agree, that doesn't look like nose-biting to me, Bajas! BOL But, hey – what does a guy have to do to get attention when the momma is playing with a kitty???Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

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