Saturday shopping

Mom’s been spending money left and right recently.. Not only did she order my portrait, but she’s bought a few prints as well. It was our friends at “Forever Foster” that started it, really, when they bought such a lovely print from Tara Anderson. She had a lot of cute prints. But in the end we ended up getting the exaxt same print they did. It was just the cutest one. We also got another one – but since it’s a gift it won’t be revealed until later. This one will be up on our wall as soon as Mom find a frame that fits!

(It’s got straight edges, but Mom photographed it at an angle because she used the flashie and it wasn’t on a flat surface)

She also got this very cute Devon Rex print. It’s got a partner, too, that also is a gift and will be posted later. It’s from Suzanne Le Good.

She also ordered some stuff for Virus.. But as long as nothing edible arrives I’m not too envious. I like stuff that keeps the little monster entertained (otherwise I suddenly become his toy). We made a video of all his toys and such but then the computer died when we were saving it and.. well. We might redo it later, but for now you can enjoy our pretty prints!


10 thoughts on “Saturday shopping

  1. Can't wait to see your portrait! Mom just got something new for me too, we'll be posting it next week. Isn't it great to be loved my a momma that is so crazy about you that she does stuff like that??Warm & Fuzzy Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

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