Furry Tuesday!

Next to Bajas shiny furs mine may look fluffy and matte…

…but I’m getting curlier every day – just see here:

Oh – and please stop by our friends at Forever Foster – Harry the kitten needs our good thoughts and prayers! He’s not feeling well and we all know scary this can be with the little ones.


11 thoughts on “Furry Tuesday!

  1. Thankyou for thinking of us. Harry continues to amaze us with his fighting spirit. He is a very tough little boy.Your curls look lovely, Virus:) When we were fostering Evie the Devon Rex a year ago, mum was fascinated with her beautiful curls.

  2. Youw cuwls awe just bootiful..Bjas does have gowgeous shiny haiw, but i'm pawtial to cuwls being a wiwy cuwly giwl myself.I will go visit youw sweet fwiend wight nowsmoochie kissesASTA

  3. Virus, did you go to the salon and get a perm? Just kidding, your coat is lovely just as it is. We don't know Harry but we will go visit him.Woos, the OP Pack

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