Dory’s Smile Fest 2009

We wanted to join Dory’s smile fest! We’re two smiling guys, so this should fit us well.

You can see I started my smile training as a tiny puppy. Here are our entries:

Virus – I smile because I have this long, funny thing attached to my butt!

Bajas: I smile because I just walked to the top of a mountain! Now I’m getting kisses and treats and water. Yay!

19 thoughts on “Dory’s Smile Fest 2009

  1. Just love that last picture, Bajas!! We smooshy-faced pups have the greatest smiles of all, don't you think? can't say I've ever thought about a cat smiling, other than the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland!Smilin' snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

  2. What AWESOME smileys!!! Virus I am ssoooooooo happy to have a kitty entry!!!! I love kitties!! And you are a VERY beautiful one!!I also love puggles, one of my bestest friend Mimi is a tan puggle!!Smileys!Dory

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