Thoughtful Thursday!

Two weeks ago today my boyfriend’s friend slipped and fell in the bathroom and died. :rainbow: Yesterday a friend of a friend died in a tragic accident during a military exercise.

Both these incidents are sad and tragic of course. But more than anything I feel reminded of how narrow the line between life and death is. There’s really one thing that each and everyone of us can be certain of – we’re gonna die. So I just really wanted to remind you all to enjoy TODAY. We never know what’s gonna happen, but we’re here right now. So hug your hounds and your friends and family.




Have a little ice cream!

Enjoy the little things (don’t buy cheap children, though!)


Jump! (And don’t worry what others will think of you.)

Hug your friends and loved ones.

Make silly faces.

See? It’s not hard. We just got to remember.

17 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday!

  1. wonderful reminders to take time in your life to notice the small wonders. hugs to you and your friends on the recent loss of these young people.hugs,puglette:o)

  2. A lovely post – and SO true! We do try to remember these sort of things, but it's always nice to be reminded in such a gentle way!Thank You, Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

  3. Great post. Its good to just have a lil reminder to enjoy the simple things in life. Sorry about the recent tragedies you've endured but looks like you can find some perspective and that is great. Enjoy life.Lots of Licks–Oak and Swis

  4. You have shared some very wise advise to all of us. You have caused us to stop and think and not take for granted.We are so sorry for the recent loss of your friends.We will remember your wordslove tweedles

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