Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Mom got new cookie cutters at IKEA! Aren’t they cute?

PeeEss: Did you know cookie cutters are great if you’re throwing a kids party? Use them to make fun shapes of pizza, brownies, sandwiches etc. (Obviously this also works well for childish adults like Mom)

Oh – and as some of you mentioned of course they can be used for dog bisquits as well. The squirrelie would be good for making treats for the Waggle we suppose. But Mom prefers us to eat grain free as much as possible and to have raw meaty bones or other yummies as treats. We’re not gonna argue 😉

11 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. Squirrel??? DId someone say squirrel???? Where???Snorts-Brutus the Frenchiepee ess – you guys are so luck that your momma makes you special treats!!

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