Time for some more Monday Cuteness!

Now here’s our contribution to a good Monday! Pix of the kittens at 7 weeks!
All pix are (C) Lene Aklestad

(N) Mega Miaow’s Poirot

(N) Mega Miaow’s Pia

(N) Mega Miaow’s Pralinë

(N) Mega Miaow’s Pjotr

Have a great week, efurryone!

The proud papa,

24 thoughts on “Time for some more Monday Cuteness!

  1. Virus-We have never spoken to a cat before, but figured this is as good of an excuse as any! Congrats on the handsome brood! All the glory and none of the work when you are a daddy, eh?Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

  2. VirusYou can wightly be vewy pwoud.Those kittens awe adowable and pawfectly bootiful.Mommi wants to jump thwough the pootew and hold them closesmoochie kissesASTA

  3. OMG they are so so so cute. Poirot has the biggest ears I think, that was the first thing I noticed. And then I noticed – Pia is my favourite! They are all beautiful. :)xo

  4. SERIOUSLY DYING OF CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Pia is my favorite. Do you know who Christina Ricci is? The American actress? She actually babysat me before she was famous (that's my favorite ice-breaker fact) and her older sister was WAY nicer and cooler and her name was Pia Ricci.And now you know. And please send Pia to me for snuggles, thanks 🙂

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