Snacking Sunday

It’s lamb season. Mom isn’t all too fond of lamb/mutton – she HATES the smell of the fat. She assured me she’d rather smell my poop (thehehee) than lamb fats. She says is sticks to her hands and she have to smell it for ages. She makes two exeptions, though. She loves proper sheperds pie (if you don’t use lamb it’s called cottage pie) and spicy lamb meatballs. Today she’s making sheperds pie. That’s not really what this post is about, though. They also had lamb hearts at the store and guess who she got them for?

Move it, hooman!

The tiny piece is for Virus and the big one for ME.

Nomnomnom… (Now doesn’t Virus have a great view.. hehe)


Now I hope you all are envious! The best part is she’s bought some more that are just waiting in the fridge.


15 thoughts on “Snacking Sunday

  1. That is some hardcore food! We must admit, mum buys pre-made raw food for us, because she gets freaked out by whole bits. Your mum is obviously made of stronger stuff!:)

  2. Virus, you almost got opened the oven all by yourself!I have heard that lamb heart is a very delicious treat! Harley has eaten chicken hearts before.

  3. Hi guys! What a coincidence! Daddy got lamb chops for mom (dad and the kid had salmon – too yucky for mom) So daddy prepared them for mom on friday. While mom was busy eating daddy was kind enough to cut a little piece and put it on my bowl. I run and devour it right before mom noticed and asked: What did you give him??? She was red of anger thinking he had given me salmon but he had to admit it was lamb. It was SOOO GOOD!

  4. Hi, Bajas and Virus!Lamb is not very common here and much less lamb hearts!My mom says Ewwwwww but I say it looks yummy!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  5. You mom is right – we love lamb chops but they sure do smell funny! But a carnivore's delight, no doubt!Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

  6. oh my, what little wild animals!ane, i have a question for you. i am reading the girl with the dragon tattoo by stieg larsson. the main character mentions having traditional boiled swedish coffee. i looked this up on the internet and found recipes that use an egg in coffee. have you had coffee like that? do you make coffee with an egg in it? i love this book, the story is very good and the setting in sweden is fascinating!thank you!puglette:o)

  7. Lamb does have a distinct odor, sometimes it is worse than others, but it sure looks like no problem for you two. Keep enjoyingTail wags, the OP Pack

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