Wednesday Worries..

Sorry guys, I’m going to bore you with my thoughts today, because I need to see them in writing. After being down with the flu I’m now about 2 weeks behind on my reading(schedule). I got one of my obligatory essays last Friday and one more this Friday (happy Fridays.. LOL!). I’m wondering if it would be more wise to drop a subject and concentrate on the other three to make it easier to catch up and do well on my exams. :/ I hate “giving up” though..

I probably should drop biochemistry since it’s a lot of hard work. Then I can read all the curriculum next summer and be as prepared as possible to take it next fall. I really like the subject, it’s just so darn difficult and takes a lot of time. Another idea would be to skip American litterature as the lectures overlap with my physiology lectures, but biochemistry is so much work that I think it would free up more time than it will take me to compensate for loosing one hour of physiology..

Bah.. I think giving up on biochemistry this time around is a good thing.. I’ve checked all my future subjects and there’s one this spring (I’m 80% sure they’ve changed the plan again, can’t remember that one) that recommends having had the biochemistry but none of my fellow students will have had it either. At least I have the book and if I keep my head over water I might follow the lectures and/or read some more even if I’m not planning to take the exam. This is very interesting stuff – and quite relevant for aspects of the physiology course.

Any of you made it all the way through? Please share if you have any opinions! I won’t make this post a complete bore, though, so here are some pix of love bug Virus that makes me laugh!

Now isn’t that elegant? ROFLMAO…


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Worries..

  1. Momma thinks it would be better to drop the class and take it up again when you have the energy to focus on it. Don't want to keep making yourself sick, right?Slobbers,Mango

  2. What utterly beautiful photos of Virus. He is so gorgeous!As for the rest, there is nothing worse than the feeling that you are getting further and further behind. If leaving biochemistry until next fall will mean that you will feel better and also do better in the other subjects, then go for it. It should never be a question of "giving up" but just of "doing well!"

  3. Virus, all you need is a can of beer in your hand to complete the look! Hahaha!:)When mum was at uni, she came down with glandular fever during the semester. She tried really hard to keep up, but it just got too much. She made the decision to drop a subject. She thought it was preferable to do three subjects well, rather than struggle to pass four. If it's not going to negatively impact your ability to continue with what you want in the future, it sounds like a good idea to allow yourself some space to keep recovering and do well with the others.

  4. Our suggestion is to sit down and map out your courses for the future and be sure you can fit everything in to the time frame you want. Then look at the pros and cons of keeping things as they are, dropping biochem, or dropping the lit. When it is all out there in front of you, it will be a lot easier for you to decide. And even if it takes a little longer to get there, it's OK, in the end you want to be proud of your accomplishment.Good luck and feel better.Woos, the OP Pack

  5. Biochem was the absolute hardest thing I ever had to endure in school. I'd take organic chemistry over ten times before I'd sign up for a biochem course! Trying to memorize all those metabolic pathways – ahhhhh! I'd get one new one in my head and forget three others! Yep, I agree – if you don't NEED the biochem, don't torture yourself!!

  6. I have always learned better by reading than by lecture. So if you miss an hour lecture of phys I say no big deal. Take your biochem next time around and concentrate on the classes you have now. Wishing you luck. PS the class I took on phys was a teacher leacturing straight from the book…yawn 🙂

  7. Such sweet pictures!! As for school, do what you feel is right. It's better to let something go now and pick it up when you are better able to handle it than overwhelming yourself. If it needs more time than you can give it right now, let it go and be better prepared the next time.Jess & Lilo

  8. Mom says she would khonkhur with the other khomments we've read!Don't run yourself down even more…Mom also enjoyed how woo wrote your thoughts out to see them – she does the same thing when she finds time to journal what is going on in her head! Thank dog fur the 'puter – takes her less time to babble to herself!Hugz&Khysses,KhyraPeeEssWoo: Hi Bajas!

  9. What gorgeous photos of Virus- looks like a painting!As far as the classes- what ever you decide- make sure you think of keeping yout sanity and not let the getting behind- make you frustrated. Do what your body is telling you.xoxotweedles

  10. Sometimes it's better to choose fewer things to do well than to spread yourself too thin. Your health is more important than a course. Do you have anyone who can advise you about the practical aspects of your study? Good Luck! Anna (Christina Wigren)

  11. Hi! I am sorry to write this so late! I am back to blogging now that my class is over. I agree that it is best to put all of your effort in three classes, if time and health are not colaborating with taking four. I had a lot of trouble with chemistry and biochemistry while in college myself (I actually had to take chemistry three times and then biochemistry twice). in my case, chemistry was a prerequisite for biochemistry. And I actually passed each class when I took them in summer, with no other classes.Good luck, you are a very dedicated student, I see!

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