Just wanted to say a big loud THANK YOU to all of you who commented on my Wednesday worries post (below)!

Even if I skip this subject I will actually still be ahead. 3 subjects per semester are normal progression, and I took 7 in my first year (2 semestres) so as of today I can have one semester with 2subjects without any problems. I just wanted to get even more ahead. By not taking biochemistry this fall I will have to take it with general chemistry and a course with plant/fungi/animal-knowledge next fall. There is a bit of a risk that chemistry classes will be at the same time as some of my biology classes, but I think I’ll take the risk.

I do not HAVE to take biochemistry, but it is one of 3 courses I have to choose among for my “free” course. So if my plan for next fall turns out to be impossible I have the option of taking only two classes and taking one of the spring alteratives spring 2011(I just really want the biochem). Taking it with chemistry probably isn’t a bad thing as I should get some of the basics in the chemistry course while taking biochem.

Thanks again for your thoughful responses!

Big hugs (here represented by Coco and Nimbus),

9 thoughts on “THANK YOU!

  1. hi ane!oh i think you are absolutely right. i am so glad that you listen to your heart. you know what is the best path. you are always ahead my friend and the hardest working person i know!xoxoxom & e

  2. Happy to be of help! It sounds like you have it pretty well figured out. Some bad decisions resulted in my losing a whole year of university. It was not the end of the world – far from it! We're all in too much of a hurry these days!#1

  3. Sure you know what is better for you and I am sure you are going to do it great!Go, girl!I love that picture of Coco and Nimbus!Kisses and hugsLorenza

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