MY Saturday adventure!

Not only did Mom take Bajas for a walk on Saturday – but she took ME too! Since I was wearing my cool new harness I wanted to share those pix before these.

Allthough lots of people walk past here it’s rather quiet as they usually walk right past this field.

LOTS to see, though! Dogs and people and bikes and birds and kids and strollers and screaming kids in strollers..

But if anything scary comes my way I’m sure this look would scare them off, right?

There’s this big old dead tree there – Mom thought it would be great to use when making me pose for pretty pix.

She brought the feathers for me to play with!

She said I looked so handsome. No surprise there 😉

I’m sending lots of kisses to all you girls – and extra ones for Sandra (Coco’s mom ’cause I know she wants’em)

Climbing this tree was pretty fun!

So long, ladies!

7 thoughts on “MY Saturday adventure!

  1. How nice that you got to go for a walk too,Virus. We have a kitty on our street who lives with two pups. While the two pups get walkies on leash, he follows right behind them.You look stunning in your new harness.Tail wags, the OP Pack

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