Psychoanalysis Friday

I loved the post Joe’s mom made when the boys were away. You can read it here. It’s fun to learn even more about their personalities. So since I’m feeling a little better right now I thought I’d try to copy the concept and tell you a bit more about the boys!

Bajas is such a wonderful little guy. Out in public he’s so excited that he can hardly stand still. People always think he’s a pain to have around the house, but he’s hardly ever any trouble. He can be left alone without any trouble, but refuses to separated from me when we’re in the same house. He’ll follow me to the bathroom and sleep outside the shower and so on. He loves his stuffies. They have to be nice and soft – and being good humans we always test that they have a nice, soft “grip site” of correct size before buying any.

They don’t have to be big – but the larger ones are more often nice and soft (faces/noses or butts are usually the best piece to chomp). He loves everyone and has not met anyone he didn’t like in his entire life – that includes all humans and animals alike. He loves working for praise or treats and did well in obedience and agility class. If two people are talking he’ll place himself so the three of us form a “triangle” and focus at the person talking at any time – really looks as if he conciders himself part of the conversation. Oh – and he loves to rest his chin on something slightly higher than wherever he’s lying – like my hand/foot or the computer keyboard… Sometimes he finds a comfy spot with a perfect chin support and he’ll look so happy we just have to laugh. A doughnut bed would be his thing I think. But the basket where I keep my blankets is popular, too!


Where Bajas is intelligent Virus is plain stupid. There really isn’t any other way to put it. People can say cats are more intelligent than dogs all they like – they sure haven’t met this one. He can have me roaring with laughter (after chasing his tail for 10 minutes straigt and falling over with dizziness) or frustrated to the point of pulling my hair out (when I wake up for the third time that night to save him after he’s fallen off the edge of the book case and is dangling by his front paws). I quickly learned that if he’s above ground level he can fall off someting. I mean – he WILL fall off something. Any bare piece of skin is just waiting for his claws to dig in trying to stop his fall.


He will relax completely in your lap, and fall off (well – half way down he’ll stop with all 10 claws in your leg) unless YOU watch out and keep him from falling. He’s a quite social cat that will spend most of the time sleeping on you or nearby. He’s a bit careful around strangers – but warm up to them quite quickly. (I really haven’t enough visitors I suppose that’s all my fault really). He loves to have his nose and head scritched – and if you stretch out a finger he’ll come bump his head against it to show you where to start. I also believe he’ll grow up to be a grumpy old man. Lately I’ve been giggling furiously if I for some reason have been up at night and turned on a light/stepped over him. He’ll be making little mumbling noises and looking/sounding really unhappy for being disturbed. Him disturbing others (chomping on Bajas’ ear or deciding to take a walk on my face when I’m sleeping) is of course not annoying and done frequently.

Hope you enjoyed learning more about the boys!

12 thoughts on “Psychoanalysis Friday

  1. Very enlightening. Just as I imagined. Although I did not know Virus was intellectuals challenged. Maybe he is one of my long lost relatives.Slobbers,MangoP.S. Momma would love a little pug and so would I but Master says no doggies that can fit under the fence. Sigh.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing!!! We enjoyed getting to know Baja and Virus better. The momma said Virus reminds her of a cat she when she was younger. They seem to have very similar personalities. =)Lilo

  3. what a great post! bajas sounds like such a sweet little man. he looks a lot like charlie, but his manners sound more like ollie. it is so cute that he gets in the ocnversation like that. virus is just a very funny kitty. he will get better at not falling off stuff as he gets older. i love the description of him as a grumpy old man. very sweet!hugs,puglette:o)

  4. Oh my!I am so furry furry furry surprised about Virus (NOT)!Khanines Rule!Khats Drool!Seriously, tank woo fur sharing about B&V!I'm a great deal like Bajas when it khomes to my mom…I usually follow her most places in the house – and make sure she doesn't try to exit them without ME!I'm furry glad woo are feeling better!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  5. Excellently informative! Aren't ALL cats prone to fallin' off of things? The Feline Americans definitely ARE prone to fallin' off of stuff … especially Charmee who has taken a header off of the top of the 'fridge (and higher!).DMM

  6. Wow…very interesting!We learned two things…1. Bajas DEFINITELY gets cuter every day (if that's possible!)2. No offense, but Virus freaks us out a little. Mom isn't a fan of C*TS and she says his eyes make him look like he's "up to no good".(hahahaha!)Thanks for sharing!Love,S-Dog

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