Tired Tuesday

Can you imagine mom FORGOT her luggage when we went away for the weekend? Because of her ouchie feet she decided to not go back for it. Only thing was – she was feeling a bit off at the end of last week and intended to catch up on her homework over the weekend… You know where I’m getting with this?

Well, yeah! Good thing she didn’t forget US! But she’s also way behind on her homework and tryind desperately to catch up… Good thing she makes a tough schedule, so she might be behind on her schedule, but still ahead of most of the other students (and the lectures).

We’ll be a bit absent again until she’s feeling (even more) ahead. But she did relax by taking some pictures of my handsome self – enjoy!

Big kisses (extra ones for Annie),

13 thoughts on “Tired Tuesday

  1. hi bajas, you are very handsome! i love your little white beard, it's very distinguished.i am sure you and your brother will be great helpers while mom studies. see you soon!hugs,puglette:o)

  2. Bajas you are very handsome, and your coat is almost as shiny as mine! Too bad you live way over there in Norway, I know we'd be best buddies! My mom wanted me to tell you that although she has never been to Norway, she & dad travelled to Finland & Sweden a few years ago and absolutely loved it! They said they could live in Helsinki any day, and couldn't get enough of the fanstastic store Stockman's!!Snorts-Brutus the Frenchie

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