Not too wordless Wednesday

Today Mom’s got a big phonemics test. She’s not quite prepared and panicking. She’ll get a second chance if she doesn’t pass at this try, though! She’s found nothing about what level she needs to be to pass and so is unable to say if she’s good enough. Oh, well.

We’re busy helping and are out of sensible and interesting things to say – instead we recommend dropping by Patience and the Warburton Waggle and celebrate their blogoversary. She’s put up links to quite a few of our favourite stories, and I’m sure you’ll find something fun to read there. Plus the picture of “surprised Patience sees nekkid neighbour” is priceless.

Oh.. And I’ve got a piece of ox tail so I’ll be busy all night. Yum!



Tuesday Tips..

The “How not to pose for pictures”-edition..

No tickling stuff in your nose!

Jumping onto the back-drop might not be a good idea…

Sneezing can also cause funky expressions…

Also make sure modelling doesn’t get to your head and diet to the point of invisibility!


Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Mom got new cookie cutters at IKEA! Aren’t they cute?

PeeEss: Did you know cookie cutters are great if you’re throwing a kids party? Use them to make fun shapes of pizza, brownies, sandwiches etc. (Obviously this also works well for childish adults like Mom)

Oh – and as some of you mentioned of course they can be used for dog bisquits as well. The squirrelie would be good for making treats for the Waggle we suppose. But Mom prefers us to eat grain free as much as possible and to have raw meaty bones or other yummies as treats. We’re not gonna argue 😉