Video night

Welcome to video night!
Here Virus is having fun with one of Mom’s hair thingies. Good thing Virus still have rather short furs, as he’s not doing that right!


We’re big on the helping Mom day lately.. Until she can walk properly she’s doing all the reading possible at home and only leaving for classes. Which is good for us! We’re great helpers.




8 thoughts on “Video night

  1. You will be ready to return to school with all that help. What sweet pets they are. My black pug (Kong)is best fritends with our bengal cat!

  2. Virus is kind of goofy. You would think that hair thing was alive. Helping with the reading can be tiring. Good thing there are two of you to take shifts.Slobbers,MangoP.S. Is your picture box speaking in English? I thought it would be in some foreign language.

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