Tuesday Tips – travel comfort!

Hi guys! I thought I’d share a great tip with all of you. Now I know some of you live in weirdo places where you’re banned from public transport (now that’s good for the environment..), but I’m sharing it anyways.

You see – sometimes your own hoomans can be a bit boring while travelling – so this is what you do. Walk across to the first kind-looking person you find. Hop up into their lap and settle in:


Mom mumbled something about it being nice that the other passenger had a good temperament, too.


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips – travel comfort!

  1. VirusYou would be welcome to sit in my Mommi's lap anytime..I would think any hooman would see it as an enouwmous pwivilidg to have you sit wif themsmoochie kissesASTA

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