A Tuesday Mystery!


From I was a baby I’ve had this little baby wrinkle just above my nose. It’s not always very noticable on pictures – but you can see it pointed out at two pix here where it’s easy to see.



So here’s the mystery part.. Thursday night it was suddenly GONE!


You can suddenly see a lot more of my rubber nose – and the baby wrinkle is nowhere to be seen. Most puggies have a big wrinkle going all the way down to their nose instead – but my big wrinkle is the same size as it used to be – and I’ve got an empty space where the baby wrinkle used to be. How weird is that?


Enough with the pictures, Mom! I’m all grown up now I guess, so I’m able to decide for myself now.


12 thoughts on “A Tuesday Mystery!

  1. My nose wrinkle comes all the way to the end of my nose. I get cranky when the momma tries to clean under it. I can't imagine what happened to your baby wrinkle!!!!! Surely you didn't out grow it! But I guess if the baby wrinkle is gone, that means you're not a baby anymore =)Lilo

  2. Bajas, you must finally be all grown up – Mom says it is a good thing to lose a wrinkle or two, wonder what that means?Play bows, the OP Pack

  3. Did someone put some make up on your baby wrinkle?Did someone put a tea bag on your nose?Did you try wrinkle cream remover?What a mystery- but one thing is for sure- you could not get any cuter!lovetweedles

  4. Bajas and Virus,I am planning a big adventure and I borrowed your faces for one of the photos. I hope it is OK with you.Slobbers,Mango

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