Almost 400! Post #399


We’re really excited! Our next post will be post #400. Feels like we just started blogging, but apparently that’s not so?!


Virus burnt off some energy chasing down feathers..


Then we laid down on (in) the couch to make plans for tomorrow’s post!

See ya tomorrow!

13 thoughts on “Almost 400! Post #399

  1. Congrats on #400 – must be almost time to post about it:) – we are a day late getting here. Feather chasing must be exhausting. Happy napping, Virus and Bajas.Play bows, the OP Pack

  2. YEPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!Congrats for your next 400 post!!!!OMDDDDDDDDDD!!!!You have posted a lot!!!We're honored to be your friends and celebrate with you!!!!We love you!!!!Great pics dear friends!!!!HAve a great thursday!!!!CAn't wait to read your 400 post!!!SMACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

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