Pug and pig.


Here’s me and my piggybank. I’m saving up for heaps of pig’s ears!


When he tells me I ought to be a better pug and save more money I get embarrased and look the other way..


Okay piggy – I promise to not spend all my money right away and save up some!


17 thoughts on “Pug and pig.

  1. I think you can spend your money however you want. I am curious as to where it came from. Do you have a job or did you sell one of the kittens?Slobbers,Mango

  2. What a great piggy friend you have dear Bajas!!!!We trust in you!!!!!!!!We're sure you will not spend all your money so your mommy will be very very very happy and proud of you!!!!;-)))))))))))))We love youuuuuuuuu!!!Sweet kisses and licks

  3. LOL! Bajas, you are SO cute!Does your piggy have a sibling that can come live at our house? My mom could use that kind of "help" too! Keep up those faces…I'm sure mom will cave and get you a bunch of pig's ears without you spending any of your money!Love,Salinger

  4. Maybe you should just get a glass jar that can't talk back to you.You are cute even when you are sulking.The OP Pack is sorry you got too excited watching our video:) We should have put a warning to lower the volume:)Tail wags, the OP Pack

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