Let’s take a boat ride!




We’ll write more tomorrow! Mom and I are both very tired. The Virus is all over the place.


7 thoughts on “Let’s take a boat ride!

  1. You are a couple of old sea dogs, huh?Guess what? I have totally been saying your name wrong. I always say Baa Jas, but I think I heard your mom say Baa Yah. Who knew?Slobbers,Mango

  2. OMDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!You guys on that wonderful and big boat???!!!!!!!Woowowoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!But did you haven't fear???sure you're sooooooooooooo brave!!!!we're very very very happy that you're having wonderful time with your mommy!!!Wish were with you!!!!!!!!We love your new header and layout!!!Great great great blog!!!Have a wonderful day!!!!Lots of love and kisses!!

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