Travelling people.

Apparently we’re travelling people.

I just got home yesterday. This is me in Mom’s lap on the train:

A guy can only have the patience for so many pix…

And then the lousy little camera was out of power.. And the SLR has been out of order since Bajas was a tad too happy about coming home and managed to bend the objective so it didn’t work.. But she ordered a new one that will be properly tested once we get up to the lake today. So we’ll be travelling on and will be offline for a while. We’ll miss you!

Here’s a test shot with the new objective:

It’s a 55-250 versus the old one that came with the camera that was 18-55.. So it’s a bit different. Plus she did perhaps just fix the one Bajas broke, once the new one was here she had the guts to give it a good whack! Will be testing it again later, but now it’s time to go!


Virus & Bajas.


6 thoughts on “Travelling people.

  1. Virus,Are you a mood kittie? I can see you turning totally blue when you got mad for all those photos being taken.Nice to see your pointy head again.Slobbers,Mango

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