Venezia day II

We started out early, yesterday. Check out was before nine, so it came naturally. Had breakfast at McDonalds (not my idea.. lol.. This one didn’t even have breakfast foods) where they had WiFi, so booked a hotel room in Metz (Lorraine, France) for after Paris plus one in Hamburg for our way home.

Then we walked over to the train station – this statue/fountain is just outside it.Then we hopped on one of the vaporettos hunting for this place PA knew there was supposed to be a flag shop. But we didn’t find it. Saw some funky stuff from the boat, though. These should qualify as Big Things – but I’m not sure what the first one is..? (apart from a big, silver ring)
No questions on this one…
The island you see here is the cemetary!
The bridge of sighs:
Heard an American lady talk to her little girl, saying this was The Bridge of Sighs. The little girl immediately asks “Does it sigh a lot??”.. Hee hee..

Pix of our first day in Paris will come tomorrow 😉



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