Let’s take a boat ride!




We’ll write more tomorrow! Mom and I are both very tired. The Virus is all over the place.


Movie Night!

Mom is going to the movies tonight. She’s gonna see the new Harry Potter movie with Auntie and Grandpa. Since we’re not allowed to go we thought we’d make Movie Night at home instead.




Shirt for Phantom!

I loved the idea other doggies had wearing shirts for Phantom of the OP pack. The poor guy has to wear a t-shirt even though he doesn’t like it. I’m a simple guy. I like everyone and pretty much anything. I can’t say it was a big sacrifice for me to wear a t-shirt – but I hope the gesture says pretty much the same thing! We didn’t find my “Obey the PUG” t-shirt so I got to wear one of Mom’s. It most certainly didn’t fit.

It’s her Be Your Own Pet – shirt! She thought it was a good choice since I’m her pet. They have broken up now, but she saw them in Germany last year and was supposed to see them in Philadelphia the year before (but arrived to late but that’s another story).

Can you see how sincerely I hope for Phantom’s tumor to wait a long while before growing back to give his mommy and his family lots of happiness ’cause they need that now!?

Hope you all have great Sundays!


A nice gift!

Mom and PA went to Sweden the other day – and even though they were only gone a few hours Mom came home with a pressie for me! See what I found outside:

Ok.. So you think I’m just a lazy pug? Huh?
I might be a senior pug now, but let me show you I still know how to do it!

I can’t wait to get up by the lake and play some more. Gotta do some more training with Mom to make her better at handling me and the camera at once. 😉

Big kisses,

PeeEss: Mom is off sick from work because her footsies are still having some sort of inflammation thingie (probably from over exhaustion on the vacation) and she’s going crazy sitting STILL. At least she’s hardly ever leaving my side. 😉