Vienna day II

Hi guys!
We’ve had a lovely and sunny day in Vienna today, but a bit windy. The Internet connection here is S L O W and I’m loosing my mind uploading pix, so there won’t be as many as I’d liked today. Our first stop today was Schloss Schönbrunn. It was hunting castle for the Habsburgers once upon a time. It’s got a big, beautiful garden where we spent most of the time, but here’s a shot of the castle itself:
We can actually see the castle from our hostel, which is really cool.

Then we went downtown and found the Hundertwasserhaus. If you do not already know of Hundertwasser you might check him out on Wikipedia or something – I think he’s made some really cool houses and paintings, too.
It really isn’t your everyday property… Tee hee… I love how you can see it from a distance because from one side it’s almost covered in trees and plants.

Then we went to my favourite ice cream restaurant! I actually don’t know if I know anyone else that qualifies.. But still. It’s great. Raspberry mousse and a (really tasty) piece of strawberry on top covering a sharp raspberry sauce within the dome of chocolat (I make them substitute it for vanilla) and strawberry ice cream covered in crushed marengue pieces. Then we went on a guided tour by bus and on to St. Stephans.
Some detail on one of the walls.
This miniature stands next to it, making it able to fit the entire ting in one picture, hehehe…
Inside it – a bit blurry since I couldn’t use the flash. We also took a guided tour of the crypts underneath seeing, among other things, the graves of the cardinals and bishops and a mass grave from the Black Plague.

And here’s a shot of the hostel where we’re staying. Our room faces this way, and has a lovely view of the park area and down towards the city.

Tomorrow is another day in Vienna. It’s nice to be somewhere for more than two nights – and since I’ve been here a few times before it’s also nice to be somewhere I know where I’m going..


7 thoughts on “Vienna day II

  1. I've been to Prague once before, years ago in the early 90s — I was there not long after the Berlin Wall fell and lots of the Eastern European nations split off from the USSR. It is nice to pictures of places I saw (and some I have not seen, too). It is a lovely and interesting city, so have fun! I'm really enjoying seeing all your pics!

  2. woowowooowoooooo!!!!What a great trip you're having!!!tomorrow our mommy will write to you…..we're having lots of internet problems again!!can't wait to know you!!!!Have a great monday at Vienna!!!Lots of love and kisses!!!!

  3. Vienna looks lovely. You are having nice weather for your tour, right?Thanks for uploading the pictures even if it was slow.I am still looking at the picture of the ice cream.Mango Momma

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