We’re in Prague!


Finding our hostel was no stress and a very helpful lady showed us our room across the street. We’re in a “dorm” here, but only 5 beds per room, and no bunk beds. And what a nicely decorated wall. The entire hostel is really cool design wise: Mine is the one with all the junk and a towel hung up to dry.. LOL…

Table and chairs in the middle of the room and two large windows. And free wi fi that’s working great. Kitchen and tv (and plenty of DVDs) downstairs, but have not checked it out yet.
Equally cool bathroom – rough cement finish, but dyed a little (I think) and with some sort of varnish so it’s not rough. Big shower here, and then a separate shower/wash room where you have a few steps up to get into the shower, but that didn’t photograph well. It’s a bit hard to see – but there is a shower behind this sink:

The street outside – we’re headed out to dinner.

Hehehe… Look at my large beer and PA’s tiny Sprite…

I had Gnocchi in a DELICIOUS tomato-cream sauce with basil and I’m suspecting pine nuts and other goodies in there.
Two cute little terrors.
Pretty, pretty…
Nice park area right by.

Now I need to do some laundry. Hope you’re all well. And that the picture overload isn’t boring you all to death..


9 thoughts on “We’re in Prague!

  1. What a wondewful twip..that hostel looks lots nicew than any Mommi stayed in..I guess they've made impwovements since the 1800s, heheheDid you say hi to the wiwy kids fow me???You know my Mommi is fwom wight next doow(Budapest)…I wish I could be on youw twip toosmoochie kissesASTA

  2. Hello! I came across your blog because I had a google alert for prague hostels. Can you tell me, by any chance, what hostel it is that you stayed in (it looks gorgeous!)?Thanks so much!

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