Fire, socks and sleep!

First – something a bit more exciting than necessary happened for Mom at work yesterday. A fire! She was the one that discovered it and it all turned out well, but her day at work turned out a bit different than expected. Nobody was hurt, only some material damage which is very good. She was rather smelly when she got home, though, but I kissed her anyways!

She also finished her second sock the day we showed the project – here it is all finished:

So now she can keep her toesies warm.
I’ve been on Fire duty all night to make sure there’s no more danger to Mom, so I’m very tired and snoring on the couch. Mom made a little video, because she think I’m so cute. Please notice that she also got her DISTURBANCE on the video – she’s whispering my name, can you hear? So I had to lift my head and everything. Mom think my sleepy face is very cute and funny. Hope you enjoy it too!

12 thoughts on “Fire, socks and sleep!

  1. OH NO…A FIRE??? We're glad mom is ok!Ok…but that video?? HOW RUDE! What was she thinking disturbing you like that? ;-)Your snoring is so cute! Mom says she has a hard time sleeping unless I'm next to her snoring!Happy Monday!Love,S-Dog

  2. We are so sorry we disturbed you, Bajas! We can see how very tired you are!Thank doG your mom discovered this fire and no one was hurt! This is serious stuff!Mom just can't believe that your mom has finished both socks already! Our mom is hopeless!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  3. wow! too much excitement at work! i like your socks, they are very cute. and bajas, your mom is right, you are very cute when you are sleepy. :o)hugs,puglette:o)

  4. It must have been frightening to find a fire! We are very relieved that your mum is safe and sound.Thanks for showing us how Virus has been getting on. Is there any kitten news?

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