Elminas O’Tara 6/4 1995 – 6/4 2008

Tara, our family dog, was PTS today at her 14th birthday. She’s been “old” lately, stumbling and having lost almost all her sight.. And apparently she had a stroke or something today and lost all control of her hindquarters.

Rest in peace sweet Tara. Bajas’ “uncle” (long story..) and our favourite “rotte” (rat.. lol..).
Hot dog?
Her spot to watch when she was home alone. She wasn’t allowed up on furniture, but we all knew she was up there as soon as we left. We saw her – but if not we’d still know from all the snart on the window. 😉


12 thoughts on “Elminas O’Tara 6/4 1995 – 6/4 2008

  1. We are sorry that Tara had to cross the Bridge. She sure is a beautiful girl, and sounds like a lovely one too.There are a bunch of pesky little kittens up there waiting to meet her, we're sure:)(((hugs)))

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