Party, party!

Mom’s Grandma, our Great Grandma turns 85 on Monday! Now that’s pretty old! So we’re heading over to say happy barkday!
These pix are from Christmas so you might have seen them before, but that doesn’t really matter now does it?

Mom’s head cleared up last night so thankfully we’re ready to go. I see both bus and train in my future. Yay!


11 thoughts on “Party, party!

  1. Happy birthday to your grandma! She looks very pretty all dressed up! We hope you have the most wonderful day ever spending it with her!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  2. Happy Birthday Great Grandma! I hope you have a fun day.I left an award for Bajas and Virus to pick up on my bloggy when they have time.Slobbers,Mango

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